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Обо мне



About me

Petr Yan (born February 11th, 1993 in Krasnoyarsk) is a Russian fighter of mixed martial arts, a master of sports in Boxing and MMA. Was studying at Sport University (SibGUFK – Sibirian state university of physical culture and sport)

Started boxing in 12 years old in Dudinka city, where Surzhikov Nikolay was his first coach. After 9th grade at school left the region of Krasnoyarsk and moved to Omsk city. Continued training with new coach Youriy Demchenko.

Petr heard about MMA, when he was at “Alexander Nevskiy Club”. This club is a place where fighters from MMA come to sparring with each other.


  • The champion of Siberia MMA in weight of 65.8 kg (2014)
  • Prizewinner of the Cup of Russia MMA (2014)
  • Master of sports in Boxing and MMA