A fighter from Omsk, Peter Yang will perform in the "top league" of the MMA UFC | Петр Ян

A fighter from Omsk, Peter Yang will perform in the "top league" of the MMA UFC



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The first fight of Yana in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (Absolute Fighting Championship) will be held in Singapore on June 23rd. 

Former champion ACB bantamweight Peter Yang makes his debut in UFC Fight Night 132 duel with Japanese fighter Teruto Ishihara. For a while, the name of Yang's rival was questionable. Initially, it was about a rival with more than 20 fights in the UFC and with a top-15 rating.

"But that's if I could play in the USА. And I do not yet have an American visa, "Peter Yang told reporters.

Over the shoulders of the 26-year-old Ishihara, 17 fights, of them ten wins, five losses and two draws. Yang has 9 fights in the sports list, of which only one defeat and no one draw. Eight bouts ended for the 25-year-old graduate of SibGUFK victories.

Peter Yang is determined to fight confidently and is preparing to declare himself. He considers the Japanese a serious opponent.

"But I do not concentrate on his strengths, I concentrate on my strengths. I think that in the ring he can only do what I let him do, "said Peter Yan Sportbox.ru. 

Is preparing for a duel with Ishihara Peter Yang in Thailand, because the local climate is similar to Singaporean. Jan believes that after about two years, and this is about five fights, he will be able to qualify for UFC title fights.

Peter Yan - native of the Krasnoyarsk Territory, began boxing in 12 years. After the 9th grade, he moved to Omsk and continued his studies. In Omsk, Yan practiced with Yuri Demchenko, became a master of sports in boxing, a master of sports in MMA. Yan is the Siberian champion in MMA in weight 65.8 kg and the winner of the Cup of Russia in MMA.

Yan started his professional career in 2014. In April 2017, Peter Yan won the championship title in the ACB - Absolute Berkut Championship. This is a Russian promotional company that organizes tournaments in mixed martial arts. Yan became the champion in the bantamweight - the athlete weighs 61.23 kg. ACB tried to leave the sportsman in their fights, did, according to Yana, a tempting offer.

"According to them, these were the best conditions that ACB offered to anyone. But I thought, conferred and still want to go to a new place, - explains Peter Yan his transition to the UFC. - In any sphere, everyone aspires to the big leagues. In the MMA to date, it is the UFC. "

Source: Московский Комсомолец Омск