"I'm going to fight for the title in two years." Peter Yang about his debut in the UFC | Петр Ян

"I'm going to fight for the title in two years." Peter Yang about his debut in the UFC



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Former champion ACB bantamweight champion Peter Yang promises to be one of the main discoveries of the UFC this year. Bright Russian fighter will debut in the best world League on June 23 at the UFC FIGHT NIGHT 132 match with the Japanese Teruto Ishihara. This bright character is familiar to our audience first of all thanks to the missed from Artem Lobov legendary hammer-fist.

- You have not fought since September 2017 because of the damage. How do you feel the month before the debut in the UFC?

- The body is toned. I trained and kept in shape the last time. Slowly prepare the body and internal organs, because work begins. I will be preparing for the fight in Thailand. It is very convenient, because here the climate is similar to Singapore, so I'll be all right for the battle.

- Teruto Ishihara was appointed to your rivals, although there were other surnames from the very beginning. 

- There were several characters, but they did not manage to agree. They said that they would give an opponent with more than 20 fights in the UFC and with a top 15 rating. But this if I could perform in the US. And I do not yet have an American visa.

- Generally in your category at UFC a mad choice. You're going to fight in the lightest weight?

- Yes, I will perform in the category of up to 61 kilograms. In the UFC, all the divisions are powerful. Everywhere the competition, because I do not care who I fight with.

- If you decided to change the division, which would go? 

- Up to 57 kilograms. For light-weight, I'm too small. There the guys with 80 kilograms descend, they are huge.

- How soon are you going to get to the title at the UFC? 

- At least five fights, I think. Two or two and a half years, and I can attract attention.

- In September, the UFC will come to Russia. Would you like to participate in the historic tournament?

- Of course! If everything goes perfectly, then I will be pleased to participate in the Russian tournament.

- Who do you think should lead our first card? Habib is the main star, but he will not be at the Russian tournament. 

We have someone to fight. I think Volkov could lead. I heard somewhere that it would be Sasha. A Habibu - the belt to protect soon.

- By the way, how do you like his championship fight?

- The man won, took the belt. I wanted, of course, that the opponent was better. Ferguson, for example. On the other hand, Habib agreed to anyone he would give, and this deserves special respect.

- Did you follow Habib during the week of battle?

- It was some kind of porridge. I think Habib correctly behaved in the situation with Lobov. Of course, it was possible and after a fight to talk, but to see how it turned out: weight accumulation, constantly rivals change, nerves, emotions. At the wrong time they caught each other's eyes. They say that Habib and Lobov crossed in Russia, but nobody needed anyone. And here the situation is different.

- That is, the whole thing can be in the swing?

Well, of course. Imagine: you go with your team in the period of the swing, but here these Pokemon paced to meet.

- Let's at this moment more. Habib's right? 

- If you say something, then be ready to answer for words. A year has passed, two - it does not matter. Lobov said a lot. Yes, he stood up for a friend, but could say something different. It's from yourself, not from someone. And there "and it hurts," and "the pissed-rod," and in general a lot of bad things were said. Well, what is this?

- Later, Lobov suggested that Habiba go out "once in a while." 

- What else could he offer in return? What's this "once-in-a-time" Habibu for?  What's the buzz? You see how Lobov stands. What can he do to Habib alone?

- Then why did he challenge? 

- To close the situation somehow. Came up to him, took the neck and gave a slap, and he pants done and did not reply. Of course, it was necessary to somehow rehabilitate, here Lobov also offered "time on time".

- But all this can bring the Habib-MacGregor battle closer. Do you agree? 

- Who the hell knows. Connor had this tournament invite (UFC 223, which Habib had a fight with the Wind and became the champion of the UFC), and he came and made that clear. He has barmanul with trucks, of course.

- Believe that the attack McGregor – not staged? 

- He's an overconfident guy. He could easily jump into the plane and fly in because of the situation with Lobov. But the situation itself was like a farce. If they decided to fly specially to sort it out, they could have shaken such a crowd of these guards and got someone out of the bus. But, apparently, not much wanted.

- If not MacGregor, then who should fight Habib for the belt?

- I do not even know: Ferguson will be recovering for a long time, Kevin Lee is unlikely ... I will say so, if Conor wants to fight with Habib, there will be a fight.

Source: "Чемпионат"

Фото: Instagram Peter Yang