Peter Jan defeated Jimmy Rivera at UFC 238 | Петр Ян

Peter Jan defeated Jimmy Rivera at UFC 238



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Jan turns into a big Russian star. Today he defeated the fifth opponent in the UFC in a row.

Fight with Jimmy Rivera became the fifth for Peter Yan in a year. All this time we have admired the frequency of performances of the Russian athlete, were amazed at his activity. After a new presentation from Jan, I want to note how Peter wins. “I like to dictate my fight to my opponent, forcing me to do what I need. This is my style. Such guys like Dodson should not be allowed to feel like top fighters, stars. Fuck it. The stars in the sky, as if I'm telling you, ”said Jan to the“ Championship ”in February, even before the fourth UFC victory.

This is exactly how the Russian wins his rivals, and this is how he did it at UFC 238. Jimmy Rivera can be called a star “bentamwate”. Not so long ago, he led a long winning streak and was going to beat in the challenger duel with the legend Dominic Cruise. In a battle with Jan Rivera, he fell into a knockdown twice, once spat out a mouthpiece, and for almost all 15 minutes of the fight he only moved away from the opponent who is in full control of what is happening. If Peter’s so confident style was clear in previous speeches, then obviously weaker rivals stood in front of the octagon, then the psychological superiority over athletes of Dodson and Rivera’s caliber is really impressive. It seems mentally Ian is already a champion. In fact, if you omit the psychological component, then the fight with Rivera turned out to be far from the easiest for Jan. In the first round, the Russian, although he was pushing, didn’t hit so often. More effective in terms of scoring, it seemed, was Rivera. He decided a lot (and for the start of the next five minutes) a knockdown in a matter of seconds before the first break. To his combination “left straight + right straight” Yang added one more left-handed punch at the end - he did not expect that from Rivera. The second round, Peter controlled calmer, but still it was clear that the opponent will remain dangerous to the end. Much in the second segment resembled the course of the first, but most of all - the late knockdown at the net. This time, Ian even spent an attempt to finish off River, but he withstood the attack on the ground.

The third round was the most nervous. Before him, Jan was told to beat the uppercuts, because the opponent often hides his head, dropping it down between the hands in the block. And Rivera, the seconds said that now he could only win by knockout, the decision would not pick up. Our fighter managed to complete the task: at least one uppercut went so well that Rivera briefly lost the cap. But with the plan for the final round, Jimmy got a slip: it didn't knock out Jan. Result: the victory of the Russian fighter by unanimous decision. Five wins in the UFC for the year and a place in the top 8 lightest weights. Peter Yan is the fastest newcomer in the history of the most promising newcomer in Russia. He has become one of the main contenders. A year ago, we thought that the closest among Russian fighters to the UFC champion title (when Habib already owned it) are heavyweight Alexander Volkov and it is he who will become the second champion from our country. Today Drago is not so smooth, and may the title still come into his hands, but Peter Jan is slowly becoming the second main fighter from Russia in the UFC. So to the status of the main star nearby.

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