Peter Yan and John Lineker agreed to meet in the octagon | Петр Ян

Peter Yan and John Lineker agreed to meet in the octagon



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A couple of days ago, John Lineker tweeted his candidacy for rivals Zabit Magomedsharipov as a substitute for the injured Yair Rodriguez. The Brazilian was ready to go on the fight on a short notice and even rise to one weight class higher. But with this scenario, Peter Ian, who is speaking with Lineker in one weight, does not quite agree, he hastened to report:

"Hey, John, why do you call Zabit, if you know that the UFC will not give you this fight?" You had to fight me, but all of you, the tops of the lightest weight, then fell silent. "If you want to be beaten, fight with me."

John Lineker quickly reacted to the challenge:

"No problem, I'm your Huckleberry, thank you for proposing your candidacy! I'll fight with anyone, I do not care about weight, name or position in the ranking."

Peter Ian after the Brazilian's consent was immediately turned to Sean Shelby and the UFC c to remember this dialogue:

John, I really want to split the octagon with you and make a tough and bloody duel, "Jan summed up.

The next fight of Peter Yan is scheduled for September 15 in Moscow against the Korean Jin Soo Sung.

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