Peter Yan: "I plan to end the fight as quickly and spectacularly" | Петр Ян

Peter Yan: "I plan to end the fight as quickly and spectacularly"



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The participant of the UFC Fight Night 136 tournament, Peter Yan, who is to meet with South Korean Jin Soo Son this Saturday, spoke about the mood for the fight, the difference between the UFC and the ACB, shared further plans, and also gave a number of forecasts for fights involving Russian fighters.

On the mood for battle: 

"I'm a little worried about the fact that many friends and friends will come to cheer and support, but on the other hand it motivates me. I fought in Moscow many times, I like to perform here, so I try to see in this only the advantages "

"I am confident in myself. Why perform, if there is no certainty? Today I am confident in myself, tomorrow I will be sure. I'm here to win. Everything that depends on me, I will do, but in a battle everything can happen. I'm ready for anything, but I'm going to win " 

About the difference between UFC and ACB: 

"The UFC is the highest organization in the world. When you get there, you have a new motivation. In ACB, I was the champion, came to this, defended my belt, and the change of the situation always pushes you to new work and new achievements. I want to move on, so I think that everything will be fine. I did not have a global dream to get into the UFC, but I realized that you need to get there because it's your development, the opportunity to be the best in the world. Now I'm in the UFC, and I want to prove myself, to fight the best, to say that Russia also has strong fighters. Therefore we will demolish " 

On further plans: 

"I know that fans want to see an exciting fight, but I plan to complete it as quickly and spectacularly as possible. I hope, will do without injuries, and I can hold another fight before the end of the year. Maybe I can perform in Australia. As for the opponent, I would like to fight with John Lineker. He's a dangerous puncher, so this fight intrigues me. I saw that Lineker volunteered to fight Zabit when he needed a replacement, but it was ridiculous, because he was not even from this weight class. Lineker has already made it clear that he is ready to fight me, so this is a fight that I want " 

About the American visa: 

"As for the visa, I think that the UFC will do its job and help me get a visa. I hope that the political situation will not affect its receipt. I'm pretty sure that with this I will not have problems " 

Forecast for the fight between Mark Hunt and Alexei Oleinik: 

"Honestly, I will not give you an answer to this question. I have trained with Hunt several times in "Tiger MMA", and I know that this is also a strong guy who can surprise. Let's see the fight. Hunt can fight, he can also hit. Oleinik, I think he is less diverse than Hunt, but I wish him luck and victory. The strongest will win" 

Forecast for duels Emelianenko-Sonnen and Nurmagomedov-McGregor: 

"Fedor, I hope, will defeat Sonnen. Habib-Conor, here I consider Habib's favorite, I would say 60 to 40, that he will win. But Conor should in no case be underestimated. He, too, can win. It will be an intellectual battle " 

Words to the fans: 

"I really appreciate the fact that you are rooting for me, it's very pleasant for me. How can I always answer in return. Come to support, do not spare your emotions. Feel for both our and for the newcomers fighters. Every soldier is pleased "​

Source: "Fighttime"