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Peter Yan: Maybe I will fight for the title in 2019



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The Russian fighter of UFC declared that his fight with Jimmy Rivera can determine the applicant for a title of the champion in the easiest weight (57 kg).

- How to evaluate your last fight, which was held in Prague against John Dodson?
- Everything went well. I won the fight and got into the top 10. Then there are great opportunities, so I am pleased with this victory.

- What are your impressions of the organization of the UFC tournament in St. Petersburg?
- I think everything went fine. Gathered full hall. Everything is professional. As always.

- What do you think about the fight for the vacant belt in your division between Henry Sehudo and Marlon Moraes?
- I think that Sehudo has great chances to win.

- Who will be your next opponent?
- I have already appointed him. June 8 in Chicago my opponent will be Jimmy Rivera - the seventh number. Everything has been officially decided.

- And then?
- Anyone higher than me in the ranking.

- You said you were tired after numerous fights. Is the desire to fight back now?
- Desire is always there. I want to do everything professionally. Somewhere I am in a hurry.

- Feel the popularity?
- I am not a champion and not such a big star. I move where I want and when I want.

- Which of the fighters did you focus on when you started your career?
- In MMA there is no such fighter. I did boxing and I really enjoyed Kostya Tszyu's fights. In MMA, I was purely by chance and to this day I enjoy this sport. There are a lot of fighters here who can learn from, and so that specifically - I can not name. You can take a little from everyone. I try to be myself, Peter Ian, with my own style.

- Will your fight with Rivera be the qualifier for the title fight?
- There was a conversation that in the tournament, where Sehudo and Moraes would fight, I would fight with Rivera and Pedrito Munoz with Aljamein Sterling. Who will win more colorful - I or Pedrito, he will fight for the belt.

- Was it a conversation with the management?
- Yes. Therefore, maybe we will fight for the belt in 2019.

- You are now Munoz will only call Pedrita?
- This is not insulting to him. They have children so called. The man said a stupid thing, but when he touched it, he jumped off. We will meet him again, I think. Anything else interesting about Pedrita?

- Your forecast for the battle of Habib Nurmagomedov and Dustin Pore.
- I think Habib will win. He will physically surpass Porier.

- You called Nurmagomedov a non-spectacular fighter. How did his fans react to this?
- I blocked 300 people. Many responded. Perhaps he did wrong, responding with disgusting stuff. But I am what I am. I can not keep silent. If they say something to me, I can answer.

- Did not offer to understand?
- Something is written. But I think these are just schemers.

- Was it tiring to block 300 people?
- Not stressful. You start asking them: “Did you watch the video at all?” - they change their shoes: “Sorry, I'm supporting you.” Perhaps somewhere I thought not allowed to continue. I didn't want to hurt anyone, not Habib or Conor MacGregor. What I said is all on video. Said from myself. I can't fool myself.

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