Peter Yan: "As soon as I entered the octagon, the excitement evaporated" | Петр Ян

Peter Yan: "As soon as I entered the octagon, the excitement evaporated"



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Russian UFC debutant Peter Yan, at UFC Fight Night 132 in Singapore already in the first round fined Japanese Teruto Ishiharu, summed up the match, told about the injury he received two weeks before the fight, and also announced his future plans.

- It turned out, as it turned out. We can not predict how the battle will develop. Perhaps someone wanted the fight to last longer. But, I think, with the period that I did not fight because of injuries, this is a great scenario for the debut in the UFC, - says Yan.

- It often happens that fighters, going to the UFC, in the first fights try to act in the octagon more cautiously, working on the glasses. Apparently, this is not about you? 

- This is my style of battle. He is aggressive. I do not know, probably, I'm growing up, gaining experience. Perhaps the hands are getting heavier. It turns out, the last two fights won by knockouts. Indeed, I'm used to dominating from the first round. As for Ishihara, the tactic was to feel him, to pull him up, so that he began to miss, and the main goal is to get close and hit. I saw holes in his technique. Teruto fell down heavily and concentrated too much on his left hand, charging it. I needed only to watch her. Nothing else bothered.

- A month and a half before the fight you gave him a tweet urging "do not thump". Did not relax, what if you open Instagram Ishihara, really catch the eye of his constant hanging out and stuff?

 - The tweet itself was written at the suggestion of my Manager. And so, I'm not one of his rivals not to underestimate. Knew Taruto enough experience. I prepared responsibly and did not watch his leisure. Only the day of the fight shows one of us a little better.

- You said that you were worried about the fight, because this is the debut in the UFC. But, going into the cage, the experiences were gone. No difference, where to fight? 

- You know, no matter what organization you're in. This can be compared to when you first went to one school, and then moved to another. There are new acquaintances, skirmishes and so on. Same here. You've come to the best organization in the world. You fought well in the ACB, but then many do not believe in you, and you want to jump over the barriers to show what you can do. In General, Yes, as soon as I went to the octagon, I realized that no one else will help. The excitement evaporated. 

- 15 days before the fight, you broke your finger. Was there a chance that you would withdraw from the fight? 

- Yes. The turning point was a bias, but it's just a finger, I thought. I've never faced this before. But two days later I realized that I can not walk, step on foot, jump, move. And in the last week you just need to do all sorts of explosive moments, weighting off, commission. I talked to the managers. They said that it will be as I decide. They will accept any position. They gave me three days to think. I started drinking antibiotics, and then I thought: "Damn, yes people used to fight with an arrow in the shoulder." And I had to fight already, being injured. First they told me that they anesthetize my leg. I went to the doctor to put an injection. It is forbidden to put it in the muscle, but you can in the joint. He came to the clinic, when there were 12 days left before the battle. This prick, as a rule, put for 10 days. All 10 days your leg is restored. It is frozen for this period, and then there is an anesthetic effect. But after there is no understanding how your bone will fuse, as the process of tissue destruction is going on. I decided to do without a shot. I decided that I would fight like this. The team supported. He began to smear all sorts of creams, fingered his finger patch, did exercise all sorts to keep the body in tone. You know, I used to fight with such traumas ... And this is just a finger.

- After the fight, there are rumors that you have aggravated the long-standing problems with the knee. 

- He's all right with him. Of course, you need to work on it, always download, but it's okay. The only injury is the finger. In "tiger" (Tiger Muay Thai room, where Yang was trained to fight with Ishihara) didn't understand why a week before the fight I stopped to walk for exercise. Thought, that again problems with knee. I did not tell them about the broken finger, and then you never know. Leaked information, all business. 5-6 people knew about the injury. But these are the people who are always with me.

- But with the knee, however, there have been problems before. On that one time, when Ishihara transferred you to the canvas, did you feel any unpleasant sensations when you got up? 

- No. But I did not expect him to fight me. I think, and there would have been no chance for him. Yes, and I reacted in time, carefully pulled his head and quietly got up.

- Why did not they let you say a word after the victory? 

- In general, we stipulated this. My speech was ready. Wrote it in English three days before the battle, in the evenings I repeated for myself, I wanted to say from the heart. But the man who takes out the microphone made a mistake. After him, my managers wrote. And Shawn Shelby (UFC matchmaker) pushed them, they say, why it happened. In general, the organizers were mistaken. 

- What did they want to say? 

- Nothing special. There's a short thank you to my family and team. I did not plan to call someone. I think the management is interested in giving me good rivals. At least, the conversations are on. 

- The UFC always wants bright fighters to perform in the US. Have you already been told that it's time to start a visa? 

- Yes. Both a visa and a study of the language. I understand everything myself, because I came there to achieve the maximum goal. And the maximum is the belt. Therefore, I will, of course, deal with a visa. I'll start either before the battle in September, or after. 

- Do you already know for sure that you will address Moscow on September 15? 

- It's at the level of conversations, my thoughts and desires. But at the UFC I was told that I will spend the next fight 99% in Moscow. With whom? I do not care.