Peter Yan: UFC in Russia is a great event, I want to become a part of history. | Петр Ян

Peter Yan: UFC in Russia is a great event, I want to become a part of history.



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Russian fighter UFC Peter Yan in an interview with MMA Fighting again expressed a desire to speak at the debut tournament of the organization in Russia, and also spoke about his debut and future perspectives in the promotion.

"It was very nice to win the debut fight in the UFC. But I really wanted to return to the family as soon as possible, to celebrate it with them. I believe that I did my job well. The training camp went well, except for some problems, but overall I am pleased with myself.

I would prefer an opponent from the top 15, I do not think it needs to be postponed. I'm ready to confront the best in the division, so it all depends on who the UFC wants to release me to. If they offer me a top fighter, I will gladly agree and I will be sure that it will be an exciting fight. I do not care who I fight with. I trust my team, they are professionals and know what is best for my career "

Peter was the first person to succeed in knocking out Teruto Ishihara, and even so devastating in the first round, but, from his words, he does not attach much importance to this:

"Honestly, I do not care. Everything turned out as it turned out. I said before the battle that my blows far surpass him "

On further prospects and the desire to speak at the UFC Moscow tournament, Peter said:

"I really want to fight again in Russia. I have fought many times in Moscow and I have many fans there. UFC in Russia is a great event for our sport in my country, and I want to be a part of this historic event.

I can not say how much time I need to fight for the title. In two or three years I will probably be high enough in the rating and I will be able to challenge the champion. How my career will develop depends on the manager's work. And if we work together on this, I think everything will be fine. I do not doubt that"