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Peter Yang: 2-3 years to really reach for a title fight in the UFC



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In November of last year, ACB champion bantamweight champion Peter Yang announced that he is releasing his title and plans to move to the UFC. The month of January came, but Peter has not yet signed a contract with the strongest league of the world.

"Soviet sport" contacted the main Russian hope of the lightest weight to learn about approximate terms of signing in UFC and return to octagon.

- Peter, on September 30, you spent the last fight in the ACB League, which defended your belt, but exacerbated the consequences of injury. Tell us, what are you doing now, and by what time is your full recovery expected?

- Now I have arrived in Thailand, January 17 will be 3 months after the operation. I think another 2-3 months and I'll be there for rehabilitation, pumping the knee. A month or two I will need to set the optimal form of Here... especially not in a hurry – if this is done correctly and slowly, then everything should be fine. I am still young and if now not to start, ahead I will have many big fights. On the exact date of recovery is difficult to say – it is necessary to start from the state of the leg. Here, the 17th will start the first workout with the physiotherapist.

- What was the injury about?

- This injury I received before the last fight with the Brazilian, during preparation in Thailand. Took me on pain during sparring, and I tried to get out of it through the Chur sharply, which led to a rupture of the anterior cruciate ligament. It happened a month and 5 days before the fight, but I did not want to withdraw from the fight. I had to take risks and put a lot on the line, but it turned out the way it happened.

- UFC to you allocated any time frames?

- No, no framework was not intended.

- And can such happen that the contract as a result with UFC won't sign as conditions will be changed by them or too much time will pass?

- I don't know. Anything can happen, it is always necessary to think of all moments, but, I think, in my career fights still will be – in UFC it will happen or not.

- Are there any other options?

- Of course! Everything will be fine, I will not stay without fights!

- Well, let's hope that with the UFC all came together. What kind of opponent would you like to make your debut: a beginner, a veteran or from the TOP 15?

- The beginner precisely wouldn't want – I regard the forces on the top fighter as I know that I can cope. Who they give is none of my business. I'm not ready to give up anyone: TOP 5, TOP 10, TOP 20 ... it is Clear that for the first fight will not give a loud opponent, but the fight-two and everything will be fine.

- Are there any fighters in this organization that are irritating, and who are you ready to challenge right now?

- Irritation no one is, but this promotion is unnecessarily hyped fighters. I think my skills and my heart will be a serious obstacle for them! Siberian character – this they have not met! It seems to me that after the last duels I under ripened in the psychological plan. I think, in the following fights I will be even more aggressive in conducting fight, more rigid.

- What do you think, for how many in UFC you will be able to reach a title?

- In a good way, if the American visa will be order and there will be no serious injuries, then for 2-3 years it will be real. Now I am at that age when you're mentally ready for big fights.

- In conclusion, I would like to know your plans for this year.

- I want to recover, subscribe to UFC and to carry out there two fights. Considering a situation with a trauma, two fights in a year – it will be very good. I want to declare myself on a new top 

Source: "Советский спорт"