Peter Yang: "I can compete with top UFC fighters" | Петр Ян

Peter Yang: "I can compete with top UFC fighters"



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Russian fighter UFC Peter Ian shared his expectations from the debut in the promotion.

"I want to show in this fight that I'm ready to fight in the UFC. I am a former champion of the ACB, I fought with strong guys. I think that I can compete at the world level. I know that today I can fight top UFC fighters and many of them can compete.

My task is to declare myself, my skills and character. I think that Ishihara is a serious rival. He can deal a heavy blow at any moment. But I do not concentrate on his strengths, I concentrate on my strengths. I think that in the ring he can only do what I allow him, "said Yan.

Peter Yang on June 23 will meet with Teruto Ishihara at UFC Fight Night 132 in Singapore.